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Our Programs

Junior Toddler (12-19 mo.)

Our Junior Toddler program is designed to create a safe environment where toddlers are encouraged to learn, grow and explore using all of their senses. To enable this wonderful time of growth in toddlers, our teachers provide numerous sensory experiences every day. Research has clearly shown that rapid development occurs in the first two years of life (Chudler, n.d.). From this, we knew it was essential that we provide stimulating activities to encourage optimal development at this age.

Senior Toddler (19-36 mo.)

The Senior Toddler program at Summit Start is a preparation for our preschool program and focuses on developing independence, self-help skills, and fine motor skills.

Our program consists of: pencil control, scissor control, math, language,
science/sensory, large motor, dramatic play, families and cultures, practical life, toilet training, fine motor and creative art. With social skills beginning to emerge, our Summit team uses what we call “teachable moments,” to help with this growth process.


Summit Steps (Preschool - 3-5 yr.)

Summit Steps promotes a balance of positive education and play experiences. Weekly themes are carefully planned to fill each child’s day with interesting and engaging learning and play. Our exceptional Summit Start family ensure that the programs are focused and fun. Children discover reading through our literacy-based approach, which includes: library/language, letter of the week, sound table, songs, rhymes and stories.

Each new accomplishment fills children with pride and the desire to learn more once they realize, “I can do it!” Our program makes it easy and exciting for children to learn.

Summit Launch (Kindergarten)

Summit Launch is one of the best kindergarten programs you can find and extremely convenient for families who need a full day of childcare.

Auditory skills, reading and writing, visual discrimination, art projects, letter concepts and math awareness are consolidated into our multi-sensory, child-oriented program. Weekly themes, with related activities, assist in developing each child’s knowledge base, attention span and effective communication skills.

Summit Start’s Discovery Areas, located throughout the building, will challenge every child’s keen and curious mind. The building includes: The Ruckus Room, Giggle Pit, and the Adventure Park.

The Summit Start family will encourage and model courteous and thoughtful behaviour as children begin to develop solid and meaningful friendships. Our staff use their experience and training to ensure that each child’s day is balanced with physical activities, learning, love, and most of all, fun!

About Summit Start

For more than 10 years Summit Kids has been providing our unique program to Calgary and area families. Built upon an initial vision that each child should be treated as an individual, Summit Kids changed the landscape of childcare, providing high quality programming and enhanced learning environments. Summit Start was born from the request by our parents to create a similar program for their children ages 12 months to 5 years old. Our mission in our Daycares remains the same as our Out-of-School Campuses and Spring & Summer Programs, we will provide the highest quality care for our “Summit Kids” ensuring an unparalleled learning experience where children can thrive on their own terms. We remain committed to the belief that every member family deserves the best that we have to offer, and every child should have access to a Summit Experience.

The Summit Group of Companies are heart-centric, focused on improving our children’s confidence, teaching them about love and compassion, while assisting them in learning to navigate the world. 

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